The Story

I realized over the past 5 years that my business lunches were always very enjoyable and beneficial for everyone.

They always created some value for my counterparts and they were happy to invite me at the end (during this awkward moment when both pull out their wallet). I am passionate about sharing my experience and love to create new opportunities. Coming together to create something more for all must be made easy. 

Therefore, I institutionalized the Pick my brain - Pay my lunch concept and open it for all interested. A Chris Debner concept: Win-win, no losing – made easy!


No contracting, no negotiations, no invoices, no fees,


just expense a lunch!

About me

Some call me a Mobility Thought Leader. I am frequent speaker on the future of HR and International HR who is providing Strategic Global Mobility Advisory and Coaching Services. With 20 years of experience in Mobility advisory I worked in over 30 countries across all industries. Having my own consultancy for Strategic Global Mobility Advisory out of Zurich, Switzerland makes me enjoy being a freelance consultant / gigger. Besides Mobility I love to discuss start-up’s, go to market strategies, content marketing, neuroscience and most of it all the sharing of my experience to create more for all.


What people say

“Chris truly has his finger on the pulse of global mobility, HR and the trends happening across all sectors involved. His insight into the developments is enlightening. He is an insatiable learner, leading to great advice, great inspiration and oversight to help develop ideas, and apart from that being a good human being!”

Johanna Bousfield, Founder & CEO



“Chris, I tremendously appreciate your insights and commitment to strategically sound Mobility programs – talking HR with you has been highly valuable and personally enjoyable at the same time.”

Eric Sieber, International Mobility
The Adecco Group


“Hi Chris, Thanks for your time just now. As always, I am impressed with your profile and networking.”

Andrew Chapman, CEO
Extraordinary Assignments


“Great meeting you yesterday! Thanks a lot for sharing all your insights and learnings and providing your time to look closer into my business. I got some invaluable feedback out of it. One of them fueled the idea of updating our website and communicating our purpose more clearly. I also enjoyed discovering a common interest in mindfulness and meditation. Look forward to meeting again!” 

Aleksandra Potrykus, Founder


“I very much appreciate my lunches with Chris and also working together with him and I do strongly recommend him as an expert for Global Mobility Advisory services.”

Giovanni De Carlo, Business Development Director Western/Southern Europe & UAE at
Crown World Mobility


“Always worth to have a lunch with Chris. He doesn’t only  bring a lot of different and explicit industry expertise together but he thinks with you on how to improve your business”

Philippe Pech, Sales Director EMEIA

Chris Debner LLC

Josefstrasse  165

8005 Zurich



Tel: +41 79 79669 08